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SS Air Tools - Air Tools Suppliers in Chennai and Bangalore


Company Profile

SS Air Tools - Air Tools Suppliers in Chennai and Bangalore

SS Enterprise as a small industry was founded in the year 1999 by Mr Taraj at Chennai it then with growth it reformed into SSAirTools in the year 2002. Since then with more than decade of experience and knowledge in this business we have provided the best of what is needed by our customers. All our tools and accessories are of high grade which have been imported from all throughout Asia. We offer more than 100 models of Tools and their accessories to choose from. We provide a wide range of customized tools which are user friendly, easy to handle, durable, accurate and ergonomically designed so that the users can handle them without any hassle.

All our tools are of international standard with compliance of the CE marketing. Apart form that we also provide OE products & custom private labelling if requested be the customers.

With the support from our vast no of vender from several reputed manufacturers and all of our other esteemed clients we now have a well-established company with a great trust and reputation. We have well accumulated knowledge and highly experienced personals that deal with only the best quality products that the customers need.

Our vender base is not only from Indian but has stretched throughout the world. We are privileged and honoured to have a wide range of venders who are across the world.

We provide a wide range of imported pneumatic tools and accessories to various customers in various large scale industries. We have supplied our tools to the customers from the following industries:

> Automobiles manufacturing
> Car manufactures
> Two wheeler (bike) manufacturers
> Bus & trucks manufactures
> Bus coach builders
> Automobile assemblies industries
> Automobile service stations
> Automotive ancillaries
> Metal fabrication industries
> Foundries
> Heavy engineering
> Electrical assemblies
> Electronic assemblies
> Home appliance manufacturing industries
> Railways
> Train coach builders
> Furniture manufacturers
> Special Machine Manufacturer
> And large scale industries

We have the best professionals who are well knowledge and skilled in this field of business who know that the customer satisfaction is our no 1 priority. Our Personals work as an team and with their dedication and hard work they have created strong base to our success. And with their each unique skill they have been divided into departments of professionals taking this business to new heights. Our company consists of the following departments Procurement agents, market analysts, Sales & Marketing professionals and Administrative Staffs.

They have an in-depth knowledge of all the Air Tools and accessories that they deal with along with a wide range of industrial experience. Our teams work together and help each other in achieving great heights in their business. They understand our customers and make market trends to that will satisfy and help with what they need.

Our client satisfaction is our main goal and to achieve that goal we venture into the world to find the best quality products that our clients need. So we import a wide range of pneumatic tools and accessories from a trusted and certified manufacturer for our customers from across the world. We only import those tools and accessories after they have passed the International quality certification. Since we only import high quality products for customer satisfaction we only ascertain goods from well reputed organization like:

> Delvo
> Kolver
> Uryu
> Mijiland
> Gesipa
> Nitto-Kohki
> Tohnichi
> Endo-Kogyo
> Nile

The major products that we import are SS Air Tools, Delvo Electric Screw Driver, Tohnichi Torque Wrenches, Uryu Air tools, POP Rivets, Endo Spring Balancer, Endo Air Hoist, Nile Crimping Tools, Panasonic cordless driver ( New), Daewoo Air Tools (NEW), Magnetic core drilling machine.